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Basecamp 49, Jamaica St, Liverpool L1 0AH, UK

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Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of Basecamp 49, Jamaica St, Liverpool L1 0AH, UK
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Your brand story is the most powerful thing you own. Nobody can copy it. We help you tell it. Whether you are a business or an individual who has not yet built your brand, are launching a new brand or have an existing brand but want to revisit it; we can help you. Building a reputation is about far more than forcing your marketing message. Your prospects are much more likely to buy into their peers’, colleagues and trusted commentators’ views of you, than your own. By securing positive publicity, we generate exposure, endorsement and trust in you and your brand. If you write content that answers the questions your target audience is asking, you create something that is of value. This draws prospects in, encouraging them to engage with and share your content. As you build a community of followers, they will start to look to you as the ‘go to’ expert and will come back when they need what you offer. In the age of Google, no matter what industry you’re in, search engines are the way that most people will find you. We deploy a winning combination of technical know-how and insight-led content to fire power your search engine optimisation; bring you higher up the rankings and make you more visible online. 2019 was our second year in business and it really was incredible. Here are some of the highlights: We kicked off by announcing four new client wins: proptech app FirstHomeCoach, skincare brand Balmonds (formerly Pure Potions), insights agency Question & Retain and podcast company Bengo Media. FirstHomeCoach is a digital platform that guides first-time property buyers Today is World Mental Health Day –  a day that was founded in 1992 to raise awareness of mental health issues and advocate against social stigma. World Mental Health Day is growing every year. As brands begin to recognise that purpose-driven campaigns are key to engaging consumers, many are creating impactful campaigns. To celebrate World We’re really happy to announce that we’ve won a USA PR brief for beauty brand RABOT 1745. We have also been retained for UK consumer PR services.    The premium beauty range from the founders of Hotel Chocolat offers luxury yet affordable skincare with a range of cocoa-rich beauty products, inspired by the beauty of Tuesday Media is led by Sophie Wilson, a business leader with experience ranging from startups to FTSE 100s in a variety of industry sectors. Sophie is supported by an expert team of creative, digital marketing, PR and SEO specialists; as well as a non executive panel of senior industry advisors.

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Gavin Willis
5 Star
Tuesday Media are fantastic.The passion and quality they put into their work is second to none. Sophie is personable and always likes to chat to you to really understand your story so that she can work that into her PR and content strategy. She done this with Search Seven and our #share7 PR tremendously and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a PR agency that can help them to improve their brand awareness and deliver great results!
Wednesday 22nd May 2019
5 Star
Fantastically innovative, totally professional team. Generous with their time and lovely to work with, Tuesday Media are sound, expert and on the ball. Having experienced both their branding workshop and the way they work on PR campaigns, I can wholeheartedly recommend Sophie and her team to anyone needing focused, humane, inspired PR.
Wednesday 13th March 2019
Marina Lois
5 Star
What an incredible, liberating and inspiring experience! Bengo Media'a director team hired Tuesday Media to take them through their Brand Workshop, and not only was it fun, it's completely changed and focused how we look at the company. Sophie was encouraging, but a clear expert in her field, and got us achieve a consenus in one afternoon that we would never have managed in our own. This Brand Workshop is essential for anyone starting up / who's slightly lost their way / bringing together a new team or is about to embark on a big marketing / comms push.
Wednesday 7th November 2018
Alison Forsyth
5 Star

Monday 20th August 2018