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Generator Hall, 25a Electric Wharf, Coventry CV1 4JL, UK

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Monday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of Generator Hall, 25a Electric Wharf, Coventry CV1 4JL, UK
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Website Design Company – CurrantWeb

Based in the heart of Coventry, CurrantWeb are the regionals leading website design agency, delivering high-quality, results-driven website design & online marketing services. Our success is measured by the results we deliver to our web design clients.

As a website design company our focus is on helping businesses achieve a tangible return on investment through integrated marketing and design.

We have the products to suit any budget, ranging from our low cost, pay monthly websites for businesses on a budget & looking for a cheap website, all the way through to our bespoke web design & marketing packages.

Website Designers UK

Our specialist web design UK team has been hand selected in order to ensure that our cutting-edge technology group continues to evolve & so does each of our customers. If you’re looking for trusted, skilled website designers in the UK, CurrantWeb are really the web design agency for you.

Always Go Above & Beyond

The secret formula to CurrantWeb’s success is simple, “Always Go Above & Beyond”. Day to day, in everything we do, our web design agency always aim to go above & beyond to our clients & their businesses. By adopting this approach, our company has a high referral ratio, due to our client’s satisfaction. Your experience will reflect this, allowing you the peace of mind that you have a team routing for you.

Full-Service Digital Agency

CurrantWeb believe in delivering effective web sites that really work for our client’s businesses and that generate them the results they need. The relationship we have with our clients is important to us and we will make every effort to get to know you, your company and the way you do business. As a website design agency we make every attempt to better understand your needs and match our online designs to your every specification.

Here at CurrantWeb, we are fervent about curating websites for our clients; optimising and driving businesses towards future success and helping them progress in a digital and competitive world. It is our philosophy as a leading UK website design agency to always put our customers first, as we listen to your wants, needs and desires before putting our skills into effect. As you work with our design agency, you can live in solace knowing that the design team has been carefully chosen, as we only hire the very best professionals to join the CurrantWeb family. So if you are looking for a UK web design agency look no further thank CurrantWeb.

CurrantWeb is more than just a web design company, we are a company dedicated to the successes of all our clients and customers. Together, we will work towards fully optimising your business for the digital age, helping you succeed online.

Our Philosophy

At CurrantWeb, we will always live by our mantra of doing more than is expected, meeting your requirements and excelling beyond your expectations. On a daily basis, we always aim to do everything in our power to help our clients and their businesses succeed online.

Our team of trained web designers in Coventry will discuss each step of the process with you. So whether you’re are an entrepreneur needing a website for a new service or are an established corporation seeking a new partner.

When designing a website for our clients, we consider more than just the aesthetics. We’ll make your website responsive, establish a strong brand identity and effective onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Without a tailor-made digital marketing strategy (from SEO to email marketing, to social media and PPC), a business cannot compete in today’s competitive market.

Once Your Websites Designed

Once your websites designed, we’ll keep an eye on its performance and make any changes accordingly. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your website.

So Why Us – Web Design West Midands

Currant Web Design West Midlands have worked with businesses from all over the globe from small start-ups to large multinational organisations and delivered hundreds of successful web projects in the process. It is this unique experience that gives us the edge when approaching any project, big or small. So if you are looking for a Coventry web design company, do not hesitate to get in contact today.

What Do We Do

At Currant Web Design Coventry we are fortunate to have a talented team of industry leading professionals. This allows our web design agency to offer an array of services to a range of different clients. No matter what your technical requirements, we can help.

A successfully designed & developed website has the ability to change your life & transform your business. There is more to a website than just whether or not it looks visually appealing. Everything from the user experience to the site structure has to be meticulously planned and executed in order to achieve your full potential online.

A dedicated, highly trained project web design manager sits down with each customer at the start of the project with the goal of unearthing vital information about the business. Our web design team then use this information to tailor your website to your exact requirements. Currant Web Design West Midlands value our customers, which is why we never use third-party templates or page builders.

Website Development

Technology & the web is evolving rapidly, it is therefore of paramount importance that your website is developed using the latest cutting-edge technologies. All of the developers at Currant Web Design Coventry have a passion for digital & we encourage our team to stay up to date with industry trends & best practices.

Your website will be developed using HTML5 & CSS3, each developer has been trained in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so that each website is search engine ready. We are proud to develop our content management & eCommerce websites using the open-source software WordPress & Magento. Your website will not only look great & drive new enquiries but will also be each to manage.

Branding & Graphic Design

At the heart of every successful online website is a strong brand identity. Currant Web Design will assess your brand at the start of the project & if needed run through a branding exercise with your business. Currant Web Design branding packages include logo design, a brand guideline & brand materials such as business cards and leaflets.

Responsive Web Design Coventry

Portable devices now equate to more than half of all visits your website will now receive online. It’s therefore crucial we provide an effective online user experience.

Every website our website agency develop is fully responsive (mobile friendly) in order to cater to this requirement. A responsive website will proportionately adapt to fit the visitors browsing device, therefore offering a tailored experience to each potential new lead. Not only are we future proofing your website by adopting the responsive philosophy but Google will also love you.

Responsive websites dynamically adapt to the needs of multiple devices, including desktops, tablets and mobiles. When the size of screen changes, responsive website content will dynamically change also, ensuring a comfortable and technically accomplished viewing experience for the user. The sheer number of people using mobile devices to browse the web necessitates this change of direction, as seen by the below statistics.

  • Over 60% of the UK population (37 million people) now own a smartphone or tablet.
  • 75% of users access the internet via their mobile devices on a daily basis.
  • Web browsing from mobiles and tablets now accounts for over 30% of all UK web traffic.
  • When designing a responsive website we optimise the user interface for tablet devices. We make use of tablet functionality such as zooming and sideswiping menus. Text links are changed to ‘click-friendly’ buttons and page content is rearranged to take the new screen size into account.
  • Responsive design is all about making a website easy to use regardless of the device the user has chosen.

Responsive websites look great on PC’s & Laptops

Creating a fully responsive website delivers enhanced viewing on desktop as well as laptop computers too! When a user manipulates their web browser window, the content of your website will dynamically change to match the current viewing area. This is great for usability and also a superb reminder of your website’s inherent quality. As web browsing on mobile devices continues to increase in popularity, it’s vital that company websites are offering the most user-friendly experience possible. Currant Responsive Web Design Coventry research, plan and develop ergonomic, practical navigation interfaces to ensure perfect compatibility with mobile phones and tablet computers.

How will it benefit your business

There are many advantages to adopting responsive design into your web presence. Here are a few of them:

Responsive will soon become the way in which websites are built. By choosing a responsive design you are future-proofing your website for years to come!

A website that responds looks super impressive! Your website will seem extra stylish and even maintain its quality when the viewing area shrinks to fit a mobile screen.

Your website will become much easier to use. No longer will your visitors be hassled with the need to pan and zoom to see the content they want- one size fits all!

Currant Responsive Website Design Coventry have a team of experts in delivering responsive web design projects. Speak to one of our helpful team today.

eCommerce Website Design Coventry, West Midlands

Here at CurrantWeb we deliver to our clients highly effective ecommerce web design solutions using the powerful open-source software WooCommerce & Magento. Our team of developers have both the knowledge and the ability to create truly incredible online shops, which will transform the way you sell your products online.

Using your eCommerce platform you will be able to manage stock levels & orders, producing sales graphs or creating coupon code. Your eCommerce solution will be extremely powerful, feature an easy-to-use interface, so managing your store is simple and easy.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Full order management functionality
  • Comprehensive and intuitive reporting
  • Seamless integration with your chosen payment gateway
  • Stock management

Sound fantastic right? But maybe a little daunting? Don’t worry, not only is the eCommerce solution extremely easy to use, our eCommerce web design West Midlands team will provide comprehensive training on how to use the system & get the most out of the platform.

Contact our eCommerce web design Coventry team today!

Search Engine Optimisation

A major factor in a business’s online success is how effective is its Search Engine Optimisation. We have a proven track record offering SEO Services ranking both local and national websites within search engines including Google & Bing. By achieving a higher Google ranking your business will attract increase traffic & sales leads.

We will audit your existing SEO Coventry, SEO Birmingham and SEO Leicester performance at the start of the website & provide a free no-obligation SEO proposal. We will highlight keywords and phrases to target & provide vital competitor analysis information.

We Can Help You

Whether you require a full e-commerce store or just require a fresh new look for your existing site, our website designers take the time to make sure we fully understand what your needs are and through effective planning, market research and analysis of the competition we’ll deliver a great looking website that meets your business goals.

Phase 1 – Strategy and Consulting

Before Currant Web Design Coventry start designing your website, we first have to understand your business, your vision and your product. With our team of perfectionists, we want your website to be 100% correct, and so we will properly research your business’s demographic, market and competitors before putting a strategy in place. When you work with us, you can expect the following:


No business is one and the same. You could be selling a one-off product or service, or you could be selling a well-known and loved product with a spin, making you stand out from the rest. Either way, Currant Web Design Coventry understand the importance of being unique and original in a competitive world, and we’ll work with you to create a business vision that’s unique to you and your company. By taking to time to comprehend your business, we can curate a website and digital marketing strategy that is 100% relevant to your business and its industry.


Creating a website for an incorrect demographic will only spell trouble, and so we make sure to thoroughly research your target market for full optimisation. Different styles, layouts, fonts and even colour schemes will attract different audiences, and so we want to ensure you have the correct design that’ll entice the right people but also make you stand out against your direct competitors. All our designs are 100% unique due to our thorough research, allowing your Coventry web design specialist to reflect your branding appropriately.

Furthermore, Currant Website Design Coventry will also research for your digital marketing campaigns, that’ll be put in place post-launch (Phase 3). Keywords are arguably incredibly important to all websites, and so we’ll find the best ones for your business and create the on-site content that’ll fully utilise these important keywords and phrases. We’ll also provide you with a tailored social media and email marketing campaign so you can fully exploit your website’s potential.


Once we’ve understood and thoroughly researched your business, our website designers strategize with you and your stakeholders to create a proposal everyone is happy with. Our proposal will contain our digital strategy for both web and digital marketing. During this phase, all feedback is welcome and will be heeded – we will not move onto Phase 2 until your company are completely happy with the strategy and proposal in place.

Phase 2 – Design & Development

Once you are happy with our strategy and proposal, we’ll start to design your website utilising the thorough planning and research data previously harvested. Throughout our design and development period, you can expect the following:

Creative Agency Coventry – Design Planning

Before Currant Web Design Coventry start creating your website, we’ll implement detailed creative design research, so we can give you exactly want you want, and what will also work best for your company and brand. As a leading creative agency in Coventry, we understand exactly how to make your project a success. Leave it to our creative team to take care of all of the hard work and overdeliver on the creative materials we deliver. While planning your design, we will also undergo competitor analysis so your company can give a good fight.

Design Phase

Once we know what it is you want and how we can best improve and build your website, our team of specialists will start designing a tailor-made website to suit your business’s wants and needs. From start to finish, Currant Web Design West Midlands only offer a quality of service, ensuring the design of your website goes off without a hitch. During this phase, we’ll make sure to stick to everything we’ve previously discussed and discovered throughout our understanding and research phases. Look no further for the best digital agency Coventry has to offer.

Design Presentation, Client Feedback & Client Approval

When our team of experts have completed your website, we’ll present to you and garner any feedback you may have. During this phase, any desired alterations and modifications can be made before Currant Web Design Coventry progress to the final web development phase. Once you’ve approved the website we’ve created for you, we’ll put the next steps in motion.

Project Web Development Coventry

Once we’ve got your feedback, our specialist team of website developers will start to properly build, create and develop your website. During this phase, any issues you had before will be ironed out, as all alterations will be implemented. Our web development Coventry team have a vast range of project experience, as we only hire the best local web development specialists in the Coventry area. We will ensure your website is built to the latest web development & Google standards. Trust our web development Coventry team today.

Pre-Launch Quality Checks & On-site Optimisation:

Before we launch your website, we’ll ensure it’s 100% up-to-scratch. Our pre-launch quality checks will nip any problems in the bud and remove the risk of launching a faulty website. Our West Midlands Web Design team are specialists in quality checking our work. Currant Website Design Coventry will test your website’s loading times, navigation, user friendliness and all links. During our quality checks, all is tested. We’ll also provide on-site optimisation, such as SEO, so that your website can start to compete right off the bat.

Website Launch: Congrats! Your website is up and running, ready to be seen.

Phase 3 – Post Launch & Marketing

Your website may have been launched, however, there’s still one final step in the CurrantWeb process. Once your websites designed its crucial its working to its full potential, we’ll work with you and help market your business appropriately. All digital marketing campaigns would have been discussed during Phase 1, however, Phase 3 is when your social media, PPC, SEO and email marketing campaigns will be applied.

Marketing Agency Coventry

Our in-house team of marketing specialists will be able to help your business get to number 1 on Google. CurrantWeb are the leading marketing agency Coventry has to offer.

Post-Launch Meeting

Once your website has been launched, we’ll check-in with you and your business to discuss the triumph of your website, and the next steps that have to be instigated. If you have any queries, this is the ideal time to make them. During this post-launch meeting, Currant West Midlands Web Design can finalise all digital marketing plans before moving onto the next step.

Implementation of Digital Marketing Strategies

No website is complete without a personalised digital marketing strategy in place. To help increase your business’s online visibility, we will utilise the research Currant Web Design West Midlands gathered for the best keywords to use for your on-site content, as well as the best PPC (Pay-Per-Click), email marketing and social media campaigns for your company. Once we’ve put all digital marketing strategies in place, we’ll then manage them for you, and keep tabs on their successes and whether any modifications need to be made. Our customers find our Coventry marketing agency extremely beneficial to their business.

Convert Traffic & Increase Customer’s Lifetime Value

Once your website is up and running, and your digital marketing strategies are in place, it’s time to convert your traffic into revenue. We’ll make sure to keep an eye on your numbers for you, and if any new Google algorithms come into effect, we’ll make sure to adapt your digital marketing campaigns so they’re in line with the new rules and regulations. All our customers will find our services good value for money, and Currant Web Design West Midlands guarantee a lifetime of high-quality services your business can profit and prosper from.

Google Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (24 total ratings)

Sebastian Guraya
5 Star
from start to finish Currantweb have been one of the best companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Under promise and over deliver is the best way to describe all involved. Ryan Leaper and Adam Collins have made every part of building my website plus all the extras a professional, efficient and enjoyable experience. For all your needs in this field I would recommend these guys very highly Thankyou and all the best
Monday 5th October 2020
Karan Singh
5 Star
CurrantWeb are a brilliant company! I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of web design, marketing etc. They have been very professional and helped deliver me a fantastic website meeting my expectations. Thanks Adam & Ryan for your continuous hard work.
Wednesday 7th November 2018
Damian Harries
5 Star
After looking at their website, and speaking to a friend who recommended Currantweb, I, engaged them for my project. Absolutely delighted with the end result ,Ryan and his team are a pleasure to work with,if you want a great website look no further.
Friday 14th May 2021
Andrew Smith
5 Star
If you are looking for a reliable & talented agency to build your website, look no further than CurrantWeb. From the initial consultation, Adam & the team held my hand every step of the way, delivering a highly effective pay monthly website for my business. I would recommend CurrantWeb to any business looking to upgrade their existing website.
Tuesday 2nd April 2019
5 Star
Excellent service from Adam and his team. From start to finish they came up with innovative ideas for my company website. Although they were a little more expensive than the competition you definitely get what you pay for and I had the best.
Wednesday 2nd May 2018